Building professionals, easily carry out your housing calculations

Mainly consecrated to quandaries with calculations and housing professional’s productivity, the site ConcreteDev puts shareware at your disposition to produce solutions to these quandaries.

This software covers the following domains: Calculations for housing, productivity, measurement conversion and optimising material.

Some concrete cases:

  • You want to perform an optimization the cuts of your panels; OPCutting is very simple software to use which allows you to optimise the cuts of your panels very easily.
  • You need to calculate the dimensions of frame components; BricoCalculette is a calculator and converter application dedicated to housing work which allows you to execute without difficulty many complex calculations.
  • You want to calculate the number of tiles necessary to complete your roof; Calc-Hab Roofing is an application for mobile devices which allows you to easily perform roofing calculations without the need for a computer.

The shareware or demo ware has a very affordable price to make it available to the smallest companies as well as individuals.

The defining feature of all this software is its great ease of use.

The site includes a download area, allowing you to obtain the shareware and demos. Also at your disposal is a page allowing access through a secure payment for unlimited versions of the shareware and demos.