Cutting optimizer
OPCutting is software that allows you to optimize rectangular cuts in panels or rolls of all types of materials. OPCutting, originally intended for wood professionals can adapt perfectly to the needs of professional locksmith, fine metalwork, cutting rollers, etc..
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Calculator to work habitat
BricoCalculette is a multifunctional calculator designed to help you perform the calculations involved in many metiers of habitat (carpentry, carpentry, masonry, electricity ...). BricoCalculette is tool also useful for professionals than for DIYers. It has no less than 40 calculation and specialty conversions modules.
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Calc-Hab Roofing

Calculations for roof
Calc-Hab Roofing is an application for smartphones and tablets dedicated to calculations roof. It allows you to perform various calculations directly on your site without having to go to your computer.
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Entering cutting lists
ExcelToOPCutting was created to interface with the software OPCutting. This Excel application can be adapted to the realization of any such cutting lists or nomenclature with many customization options.
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